Starting the upcycling design studio with

Fashion is Expression

2 pair of shorts
a pair of long denim trousers
one jersey top


In the first step the ingredients were taken apart, so a new piece of clothing could arise.


In the next step, the different fabrics were rearranged, patchworked together and cut to the size of the sewing pattern.

final touch

Before sewing it into the final form, a last touch of a personal dedication to fashion was added.

The Final garment

Fashion as a tool

old clothes have history

by reusing them and turning them into new garments, we add a very special touch to our fashionpieces and our ways to express ourselves through fashion 

 we add new stories to their paths and character to our appearance




Fashion Statement

fashion is expression

expression is an essential part of human existence 

if we stop expressing ourselves we loose an essential part of our identity

never stop giving yourself the permission to express yourself

no matter what way you choose

I choose fashion

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