F*ck fast fashion

making a statement with fashion

fast fashion we want no more

This dress was started as a statement against the fast fashion industry.

At first detaching all the little tags in each an every piece of clothing I possessed and soon collecting the tags from friends and family to create the fabric for this dress. Showing how many clothes we actually own. Showing that, also me – I was guilty of being a fast fashion victim for years.

Making a statement that this insanity has to stop now. Not buying a single piece of new fast fashion clothing ever since.

working tags into a new fabric

After detaching and collecting the tags a journey of handwork began creating the new fabric:

Sorting into different kind of materials, the tags were made of. Ironing every single tag, so it would lay flat. pinning every tag in place. Sewing it on.

So slowly a new fabric began to evolve.

A glimpse into the future

There is still a little way ahead of me, before this art piece will be completed. In the end, it will turn out as a dress, with the new created fabric on the sides and the statement showing in the middle of the front.

All used materials are of course up cycled. Fabrics, that get a second chance for another life in my atelier.

As this creation evolves there are already new ideas for other statement pieces bubbling up:

newspaper piece

So many newspaper fly into your letterbox weekly, without you ever ordering it. By now I managed to stop most of them coming in. Everything that I received before I collected, to use it. I am already using it to make sewing pattern, so why not make a piece of art from it.

hangtag clothing

A collection of paper hangtags is already waiting to be transformed into a piece of art. This was actually the first thing I started collecting on behalf of the idea of making something new out of it.

fruit nets

Buying organic food from a supermarket, makes you often choose the organic fruits in fruit nets over the non organic fruit without packaging. Examining my waste and trash, I quickly began to evolve an idea about making cloth from this.

fabric scraps

No matter how much you try to use up all of your fabric, there are tiny bits of fabric and thread that are left over. These, I am collecting to turn them into something useful one day.

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