upcycling design studio


everything around slow, fair & sustainable fashion

All listed services, as well the design and creative process, as the production services, are carried out by the designer herself.

In order to reduce waste in the fashion world all services contain upcycling options & can, by agreement, be turned into rental options.

personal upcyclings

Whenever there is a piece in Your closet, that You don't wear anymore the way it is, but You still love for example the fabric, You can contact me and we look together for the perfect design and fit, so You will be back in love with Your piece of choice. For transformation inspiration you can follow us on social media.

small collection productions

Small slow and fair fashion lines can be produced in Germany in my little atelier. The studio provides services in terms of design, developing sewing patterns and shapes, as well as sewing and producing the designs in different sizes.

theater & dance costumes

For theater and dance performances there are often special clothing required to meet the expectations of the art. As a former dancer, I provide a lot of insight on what the garments need to provide in order to complete the performance. I create in cooperation with the performance production the designs and if wished also fit them on to the performers.

limited designs on stock

I am always working and creating on new ideas and designs. The ones, that make it through the whole process, are the ones that will be available in the online shop at Biondi Studio. As special feature they are all evolved in sewing patterns that make the garment adjustable to many body types, sizes and shapes.

Design drawings

To convince someone of the perfect design, the first step will be to have a good design drawing. Like this, You don't have to ask for people's imagination, that might not match Yours - with a design drawing You have a picture like drawing of the garment to show instead, so people will be convinced in no time.


No matter for what occasions or what purpose: Tell me about Your ideas and imaginations, and I will work out different options, to create the perfect illustration You desire.

Drawings & Illustrations

Handmade & Digital

Illustrations and drawings can be made by hand or on a digital device.

For the handmade service the exact size has to be clear in the beginning.

Whereas on a digital device you can still differ a bit in retrospect.

handmade Details

Every piece made at Biondi Studio is unique. All clothings are handmade with a lot of attention for little details, not only in the design, but also along the process of sewing and packaging.